A conference about regions

Coriuss Vojvodina is a 3 day conference and Committee of Regions simulation. The main topic? The power of regions!

For Young Enthusiasts

You’re young, you’re bold and you believe in creating a better world instead of waiting for it to happen. Love of regions not required, you’ll learn to love them 😉

Held in the gorgeous Novi Sad

Novi Sad is the regional capitol of Vojvodina, a northern province in Serbia. The conference will be held in the historic building of the Assembly of the Autonomous Province of Vojvodina.

We need to talk about

Youth unemployment

In the past years youth unemployment has been at the forefront of the challenges the EU Member States are facing. Policy put in place by EU and State level authorities have proven insufficient in tackling said problem, with inadequate training programmes, gender related issues, and demographic challenges. Very often the „one size fits all“ approach taken by governments when creating solutions for youth unemployment isn’t only unsuccessful, but also deepens economic discrepancies between regions. In the process of devising new strategies for tackling this issue, the ECON Commission should put emphasis on regional particularities and capacities as well as finding wider multiregional approach, since interregional economic cooperation provides for specific, and thus more effective solutions.

We should also celebrate

Diverse relationships

Social cohesion is a bond that holds a group together, even if individuals within the group have different backgrounds or circumstances. This bond can be seen through members’ common values and behaviours. It is this cohesion that shapes the European Union today. Diverse cultures, languages, nations, and religions are the pillars upon which the EU rests and should develop further. Problems regarding multiculturalism, however, make social cohesion a major unfinished project for the supranational organisation. While increasing political dissent undermines the functioning of the EU, it also deepens hostilities on a regional level and as such threatens social cohesion. As a consequence, multiculturalism is regularly seen as the culprit of such negative developments. The COTER Commission will, therefore, discuss the role of cultural, regional and lingual diversity in upholding social cohesion when facing common challenges as a diversified community.


Why you should come to Coriuss Vojvodina

  • Meet new friends

    Take the opportunity to meet like-minded people who share you passions or may even challenge them.

  • Experience local nightlife

    All work and no play is no way to spend time at a conference. Wind down each night at local affordable pubs with other Coriuss V attendees.

  • Pack lightly

    Coriuss will be held at the ideal time: the cusp of spring! So forget about sweater weather, and come enjoy the blooming Vojvodina scenery.

  • Personal Growth

    Develop crucial teamwork skills, how to handle tough situations and make difficult decisions.

  • Learn to Love Regions

    Regions are really great, and the stronger they are the better the entire country. And you’ll learn exactly why.

  • Suit and tie

    Being called a delegate is wicked fun, plus you’ll gain valuable experience of what it’s like to work at the Committee of Regions!

izvršno veće

Participation cost is just


And it gets you:

  • Accommodation for 3 nights at local hostel
  • Conference materials and Novi Sad tour

  • lunch every day;

  • Lectures and workshops by prominent speakers

  • one highly elegant dinner at the Gala Evening

Registrations open until 18 March

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